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Terry Kalanowski, Dave Mathews and a growing number of agents from the Bay County Association of REALTORS® are using DM Webhosting's new home search program on their web sites. The program has been around since 2002, so what is new? We have placed a small ad above the search form. The ad rotates to the next ad every 20 seconds. The ad is also placed above the search results. Click on any of the links below to see how the ad looks above the search form. Do a search and look at how nicely the ad displays on the search results page.

This is a win-win situation for the advertisers and the agents. The agents get a free search engine sponsored by local businesses and the businesses get their message in front of the public. That is the public that is searching for homes on the agent web sites. Since the ad rotates in a random sequence and since the public spends more time on the search pages than any other page on the agent web site, your ad may be seen multiple times by each visitor.

We hope that you will allow us to help you with this new advertising avenue. The agents will appreciate your support and the customers will remember you! Each ad can be clicked on to take the customer to your own web site in a new window!

  • Panama City Investments
  • Sarah Bailey
  • Virtual Tour Realty
  • The Heron Group

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    October Special - The Banner Ad across the top of the Free IDX Search Form. Your ad will be the size of the sample below.

    September 2009 Advertisers had an average of over 9,200 impressions each!

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    If you just need a quick answer to a question use the link to the left. If we are online we will be able to open a chat window for immediate response. If we aren't online you will be able to send us an email and we will get back to you quickly! We look forward to helping you with any questions about our new program.